Setting the scene for Praying for Children week 2021 Karakia Mo Ngā Tamariki

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children…”

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
What you can expect to find

On Sunday, resources for a service of worship with liturgical prayers, a short reflection with questions for conversation and an all age activity to engage with plus a take home practice.

Each day through the week a series of short prayers, quotes, poems, reflection questions and practices to explore a particular aspect to support the intentional formation of a childlike posture. A child is dependent on adults to care and provide, to protect, teach and guide and so as we pray for children this week, we also turn to God as a parent; the One who we can trust fully, wholly and completely. So, held and loved, we are courageous to love and hold in prayer.

A child’s posture

Over the coming week we’ll explore and offer resources for you to engage with seven childlike qualities:

  • wonder
  • giving attention
  • innocence
  • curiosity
  • playfulness
  • ongoing questions
  • trust

These are more than ideas to think about or even attitudes to take – if we truly are to follow Jesus’ call into discipleship and become like a child, then we will need to repeatedly and intentionally engage with practices that, over time, will form in us a childlike inner posture, shaping the way we approach all of life.

We hope that you will find something in the resources that you can journey with, practicing as you can (not as you can’t).

The path to wisdom and maturity takes us on an ever deepening spiral of learning, living, reflecting and adjusting. Our prayer is that in praying for children this week, you may also find yourself remembering and embracing these childlike qualities once more.

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