Praying for children 2020 Day 2: Look Around

One day, the disciples were arguing with each other about who was the best. Who could run the fastest? Who did Jesus like most? Who got the most important jobs? Who was the smartest? We don’t know for sure what they were arguing about – we can only guess.

Then Jesus called them over to him and asked him what they had been talking about….they looked at the floor and said nothing.

So Jesus decided it was time for a lesson.

He told them that if they really wanted to be the greatest, they had to learn how to be gentle, humble and kind.

They had to remember how to be open, curious and keen to learn.

They had to unlearn judging others by the way they look and instead learn to embrace those who are often overlooked.

And to show them what he meant, he called a child over, and wrapped his arms around the little one and said “whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me…”

Who’s there? A pause for thought…

Who are the overlooked ones in your church community? In your town? In your class at school? What would it be like to see them, hear them and include them?

Listen to Malcolm Gordon’s song ‘Hey stranger’

A Prayer for today

Dear God,

Today we pray for children and say let’s look around!

Show us how we can do that more fully in our church community, with our friends, where we work and at home in our family.

In the name of Jesus,


#welcomeall #eyeoftheheart #seehearlove

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