Praying for children 2020 Day 4: How Does It Feel?

This short video on empathy shows us how important it is for all our relationships, because empathy helps us to connect with our own feelings and offers us a bridge to connect with others.

Pause for Thought

How does it feel to be left out, to be without a voice, to be seen as smaller, less able or differently abled? How does it feel to be treated as different when where it matters, at the heart, you are the same, with unique gifts and skills, special stories, shared hopes and fears? What is it like to be half-seen and judged without being heard and known? Most of us have had that experience at some time in our lives – maybe many times. Can you remember and reach out with empathy?

A Prayer Practice

Often when we are with people or in situations where we do not feel comfortable – for whatever reason – we can feel afraid or threatened and so we need a way to calm and steady ourselves before we try to reach out. This gentle breath prayer can help you find your balance. Let your breath be slow and deliberate as you silently say the words to yourself.

Breathing in: Love is here

Breathing out: reaching out

A prayer for today

Dear God,

Today we pray for children and ask how does it feel?

Show us how we can live more fully into that question in our church community, with our friends, where we work and at home in our family.

In the name of Jesus,


#feelslike #loveishere #reachingout

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