Praying for children 2020 Day 6: Let’s Bother

Jesus told two parables about bothering and they are both about how we pray.

In one of them, Jesus says imagine that you have a friend who comes to your house late at night and knocks loudly at your door. But you are tucked up in bed already and so instead of getting up and letting him in, you open the window and ask “what’s the story?”

He tells you how guests have arrived at his place and he needs to borrow milk and bread so he can make tea and toast for them. “Don’t bother me!” you say. “It’s not my problem!” and “why didn’t you prepare better?” or “have you tried the all night dairy?” But he doesn’t stop asking for your help and so eventually, since everyone is awake now, you go downstairs and raid the pantry and give him what he needs.

The Insistent Friend – Luke 11:5-8

We hear the story and we think that the one doing the asking is the one praying, which means the one tucked up in bed and reluctant to help is God. Really? God is reluctant to help us? So then….. what if God is the one doing the asking?

What if God is calling us to wake up? What if God is pleading with us to get up and open up? To bother? To help by sharing what we have and offering hospitality and welcome to those who are hungry and weary? What if God is the advocate and the petitioner and we are the ones who can answer God’s prayers for justice for generosity by being willing to be bothered?

Pause for Thought

What if…. what if we were the ones who needed a little extra thought to help us feel seen and heard and appreciated? What if that little bit extra made all the difference? What if seeing things from a possibility perspective or a generosity perspective gave us a way to wake up, to open up and to welcome, to share and receive and celebrate?

This short video might help you jump start your thinking.

Prayer for Today

Dear God,

Today we pray for children and say let’s bother!

Show us how we can do that more fully in our church community, with our friends, where we work and at home in our family.

In the name of Jesus,


#bother #lovewakesup #loveshowsup

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