Praying for children 2020 Day 5: Celebrate!

Image by Oberholster Venita on Pixaby

Jesus told three parables about losing and finding things – a woman who loses a silver coin and turns her house inside out looking for it; a shepherd who loses one sheep out of a hundred, and sets out to search for her and bring her home; and a father whose son takes off and travels far away, breaking all ties with his family and, after losing his fortune and his self respect, he finally remembers that he has somewhere he belongs no matter what and he returns home where he is a lost boy come back from the edge.

In all of these stories at the end there is a big party.

There is a joyful celebration of finding and reuniting, of gratitude and appreciation, of homecoming, acceptance and recognition of worth.

Images from Vanderbilt lectionary page

A Pause for Thought

There are people who are really good at seeing what is missing, what can be improved, enriched or made more beautiful, and there are people who are really good at seeing what is already there and absolutely fabulous, what is already working and doing a great job, what has been really helpful and is worthy of celebrating – even if it can still be better. Which kind of seeing are you good at?

How might you listen to, and partner with, those who see things from the other side?

What kind of things – achievements, attitudes, abilities, activities – do you celebrate and take time to acknowledge their worth?

What gets rewarded at school, at work, at church, in sports, in your family? How might seeing and thinking differently change that?

A Prayer for Today

Dear God,

Today we pray for children and say let’s celebrate!

Show us how we can do that more fully in our church community, with our friends, where we work and at home in our family.

In the name of Jesus,


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