Praying for children 2020 Day 7: Let’s Be Better

A day of re-creation

In the beginning, when God began creating things, there were six days of bustle and buzz; six days of new things forming, flowing and unfolding; six days of energy and excitement. And so much goodness everywhere, so much delight and joy. Then on the seventh day there was a pause while God rested; a pause to take it all in and to let it all be and be blessed.

Today we remember the rhythm of pause and blessing.

Today we remember that whatever we do, we begin from goodness and so we stop to let the week behind us settle.

We pause and receive love, accept and offer forgiveness;

we listen for the whisper of the Spirit prompting us, assuring us, guiding us toward Wisdom and deeper into Love.

Today we pause before moving onwards in the journey of life and faith trusting that our prayer practice, our thinking and reflecting, our listening and noticing will help to make us better at waking up, opening up and showing up. We do not travel alone. Jesus the Christ is our brother and walks beside us as a companion on the Way.

The Lord Bless You

Prayer for today

Dear God,

Today we pray for children and say let’s be better!

Show us how we can do that more fully in our church community, with our friends, where we work and at home in our family.

In the name of Jesus,


#bettering #bettertogether #blesstherest

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